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Location Analysis Through GIS Mapping

location analysis through gis mapping
  • The spatial component of LAMS enable users to view plot-wise land information such as land boundaries, land type, number of occupants and their details etc. directly on a digitized map
  • LAMS provides obtaining the location details of the plots & assets directly from the geo-referenced maps
  • Property data collected from field survey can be incorporated in the software. This information can be shown on maps as attribute data with latitude & longitude. Functionality to identify features like river, railways, road, vacant land, agriculture land, forest land, important place etc. on the map for better land utilization
  • LAMS streamlines data analysis through the generation of on-the-go thematic maps. Important information like family tree, socio-economic data etc. is associated with every plot. Selecting a plot reveals this data.

Satellite Image / Google Map Integration

satellite image or google map integration
  • LAMS can use time-based satellite images, Google Map, etc for detecting changes in land over a period of time so that management can review present status of their land on the top of satellite imagery
  • Satellite imagery helps in identification of plot boundaries. Also, it identifies assets like building, hutment, pond, trees, wells, etc. within the plot for correct land cost estimation.
  • The topographical features extracted from satellite imagery through land use map can help the management for better land utilization
  • Encroachment identification and analysis to create a safe and clear estate boundary

MIS & Customized Reports with informative dashboard

mis & customized reports with informative dashboard
  • Extensive searching and filtering to show accurate results by drilling down data on the map
  • Functionality to maintain accurate land status and show it on the map for each piece of land to ensure that land details are managed correctly
  • Helps top management to get macro view and take decisions with easy to follow, informative dashboard
  • Customized reports of all land related transactions and activities
  • Bundled pre-defined reports are included. A visual query generator can also be used to create dynamic reports from the database.
  • Reports can be viewed in bar graph or chart formats
  • Generated reports can be downloaded in Excel or CSV formats

Archival and Document Management

archival and document management
  • The software acts as repository of all land related documents
  • User can upload documents and images via web or mobile version of LAMS
  • Scanned documents can be associated with individual plots. These documents can be searched and reviewed on a map view using simple queries.
  • Downloading and easy retrieval of documents

Payment Calculation & Land Cost Determination

payment calculation & land cost determination
  • LAMS assists in calculation of land cost by taking into consideration the value of assets included in the area
  • This software supports the calculation of taxes & duties based on the applicable rates
  • LAMS also supports generation of land valuation for the buyer per their area of interest
  • The payment calculation module can be integrated with existing ERP payment modules or accounting systems

Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R)

rehabilitation & resettlement (r&r) management
  • LAMS can be used to identify and manage the locations and plots for rehabilitation using GIS
  • It is helpful in providing fair resettlement to Project Affected Families/ Persons (PAFs)
  • This software supports allowance, training, employment, compensation of PAFs
  • It provides a complete guide to users about organization policies for R&R
  • LAMS can be used for the creation of family trees and identification of nuclear family members for providing hassle-free compensation

Integrated mobile app for real-time survey data capture

integrated mobile app for real-time survey data capture
  • LAMS comes with an integrated mobile app which can be used to capture data from field during survey. This data includes images, videos, latitude/ longitude etc.
  • Customized forms can be generated for survey and collection of details related to properties and assets
  • Data captured is automatically uploaded to the central server. User can view this data via the web application in real time.
  • LAMS app also works in offline mode to support data capture in areas where there is no network connectivity
  • Works on both Android & iOS-based mobile & tablet devices

Monitoring of Land Acquisition Status

The LAMS software also provides additional support in case the organization is involved in land acquisition process. The features involved in such a scenario are as mentioned below:

monitoring of land acquisition status
  • LAMS assists users through every stage of land acquisition/ purchase by providing detailed land-related information, payment modules, obligations, etc.
  • Supports macro to micro level monitoring of every individual plot from pre-land acquisition to post land acquisition
  • Reminder & notification of land acquisition stages, disputes, litigations, encumbrances, pending court cases, deed renewals, hearings etc. and other legal matters related to a particular plot
  • Management of land Ownership and it’s trasiton can be done using LAMS

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