Intergraph Products are mainly sub-divided into 3 major verticals :

CyberSWIFT is also a premium partner and an authorized Reseller of Intergraph in Eastern India. Hexagon after acquiring Leica & Intergraph now functions having products which are specialized in GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry.

The products we offer under this banner are :

GIS Software From Intergraph

GeoMedia essential

GeoMedia Essentials is the base product. It provides powerful, ad-hoc and complex analysis capabilities along with image preparation and enhancements. GeoMedia Essentials provides data access, through GeoMedia's data server technology, to a wide range of data sources and formats.

GeoMedia advantage

GeoMedia Advantage is the higher version of GeoMedia Essential. It adds raster data analysis to the vector featureanalysis of GeoMedia Essentials. Users can perform line of sight and hot spot analysis along with sitelocation and corridor planning. GeoMedia Advantage also provides the ability to generate terrain artifacts such as contours, shaded relief and color-coded elevations for the creation of mapping products.

GeoMedia® professional

GeoMedia Professional is the highest version of this category. It adds efficient feature capture and editing tools that are coupled with an extensive set of quality assurance capabilities, for the effective creation and management of enterprise databases. GeoMedia Professional provides medium to large organizations the ability to control data access across all users using optimistic transactions, while maintaining the integrity of the enterprise data given the organizations business rules. Version and time-based analysis is possible with GeoMedia Professional. Finally, users are able to easily create and manage linear networks and validate the linear network connectivity as necessary.


Intergraph's GeoMedia Transportation Manager provides the key geospatial technology to help professionals in departments of transportation (DOTs), rail companies, waterway agencies, and pipeline operations to eficiently analyze and maintain the transportation infrastructure. Functionalities are included for building and maintaining a linear network model that will support both linear referencing system (LRS) and vehicle routing applications.

GeoMedia 3D

Intergraph has 3D-enabled the GeoMedia desktop. This means a seamless integration of the current Capabilities of GeoMedia with a new 3D map window – an extension to the GeoMedia environment. System integration is important to the design of GeoMedia 3D, meaning the new 3D style properties are Seamlessly integrated into all workflows.

Remote Sensing Software From Intergraph


ERDAS IMAGINE is the World best Remote Sensing Software. IMAGINE Essentials, the entry-level tier of ERDAS IMAGINE, offers the basic tools for geospatial mapping, visualization, enhancement, and geocorrection, including enterprise-enabled access to OGC®web services and relational databases such as ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial.

IMAGINE Advantage

IMAGINE Advantage, the mid-level tier of ERDAS IMAGINE, builds upon the geospatial capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials to offer more advanced and precise mapping, point cloud, and image processing capabilities. IMAGINE Advantage gives GIS professionals, image analysts, and photogrammetrists more analysis capabilities to make better, more informed decisions. IMAGINE Advantage can provide strategic value to a variety of industries, including data providers, agriculture, forestry, natural resource management, telecommunications, environmental engineering, and the extractive industries.

IMAGINE Professional

IMAGINE Professional is a comprehensive geographic imaging package for advanced image processing, remote sensing and GIS professionals. IMAGINE Professional includes all the capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials and IMAGINE Advantage and advanced features such as graphical data modeling, advanced image classification, point cloud classification and extended hyper spectral tools.


IMAGINE Expansion Pack

Advanced tools for realistic 3D, NITF support, radar DEM extraction, stereo feature collection, wizard-based change detection and automated image to image registration.

IMAGINE SAR Interferometry

Advanced radar interferometry including coherence change detection, time series change analysis, displacement mapping and DEM extraction

IMAGINE Objective

Intuitive Object Based Classification to identify and extract feature data from imagery.

Intergraph Photogrammetry Solution

IMAGINE Photogrammetry

A fully functional photogrammetry system packaged in a user-friendly environment, IMAGINE Photogrammetry provides results even for photogrammetry novices. Even though designed for a wide variety of users, it does not cut corners on either features or accuracy. State-of-the-art photogrammetry technology such as full analytical triangulation, digital terrain model generation, ortho photo production, mosaicking, and 3D feature extraction have been included in the easy-to-use environment. By automating precision measurement and including flexible operations such as terrain editing and feature extraction, IMAGINE Photogrammetry increases productivity while ensuring high accuracy. Tight integration with ERDAS IMAGINE® means that this is the ideal photogrammetric package for projects involving varied types of data and further processing and analysis of airborne and satellite imagery. The Ribbon interface for IMAGINE Photogrammetry.

Add on for IMAGINE Photogrammetry


IMAGINE Auto DTM, an add-on module to IMAGINE Photogrammetry, can extract a new dimension of information from your imagery. To add options for creating digital surfaces, such as the Semi-Global Matching (SGM) algorithm.

IMAGINE terrain editor

Terrain Editor complements the IMAGINE photogrammetry workflow, allowing visualization, verification and editing of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). IMAGINE Terrain Editor includes point, area and geomorphic terrain editing tools for DTMs, supported by stereo imagery for precise measurement. Terrain Editor supports a variety of DTM formats, including both TINs and grids.


ATCOR [etymology] for ERDAS IMAGINE® is a professional Tool for every user of satellite data, no matter whether the aim is to produce a brilliant image with reduced haze content or whether you have to analyze the real reflectance values of the surface. ATCOR for ERDAS IMAGINE is your choice to get better results.

Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS

With Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS you can add 3D feature extraction to your current workflows without replacing any of you existing system :

  • Use the tools you already know
  • Increase accuracy with stereo data collection
  • Collect topological features more easily

Intergraph Enterprise Product

ERDAS Apollo Server

ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise-class, comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system enabling an organization to catalog, search, discover, process, and securely disseminate massive volumes of both file-based and web-enabled data. This solution consistently delivers virtually any digital object faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products. An interoperable OGC/ISO-based application that implements an out-of-the-box service-oriented architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO is the solution for data management in the overall Intergraph geospatial server story.


ERDAS APOLLO Essentials is the fastest geospatial image server in the world. Single server with standard hardware can serve terabytes of data to thousands of concurrent users. ERDAS APOLLO Essentials works with your GIS to provide geospatial data as quickly as possible.


ERDAS APOLLO Advantage is a comprehensive data management and delivery solution providing remarkable business value. This OGC/ISO standards-based solution can organize and securely manage and disseminate massive volumes of dynamic and static images, point cloud data, terrain, vector data,3rd party web services, and any digital resource in the enterprise. ERDAS APOLLO Advantage is scalable through clustering to meet an organization’s specific needs, ensuring unprecedented performance even when handling the largest data archives.

ERDAS APOLLO Professional

ERDAS APOLLO Professional is the most advanced product tier of ERDAS APOLLO. It offers Clip, Zip and Ship of LAS-formatted point cloud data, and on-the-fly geo processing through a powerful implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) specification. Users can run an entire model, such as change detection, site analysis, or elevation change, completely contained within a single web processing service (WPS). ERDAS APOLLO Professional is unrivaled in the complexity of algorithms stored under the hood.

GeoMedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client completes your existing desktop GIS by engaging a larger audience with your geospatial assets. Geospatial datasets and maps produced from a desktop GIS feed a Smart GIS with content, while leveraging a web GIS’ advantages in delivering light and application specific solutions to more users. With GeoMedia Smart Client, individuals across your organization can create data, maps and reports for their projects, rather than having to rely on a GIS specialist or outsource this work.

Intergraph Special Educational Package

Intergraph has come up with special Educational Package with integrated Remote Sensing, GIS and photogrammetry software.

Intergraph Edukit has different variations like :

Option 1

Remote Sensing and GIS Package for 5 user and 15 user license :

GeoMedia Professional Includes functionality of

  • Basic GIS
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • COGO
  • Versioning and Utility advance Feature Model
  • Geometry and attribute Validations

IMAGINE Professional with IMAGINE Expansion pack includes

  • AutoSync
  • VirtualGIS
  • DeltaCue
  • OrthoRadar
  • Stereo SAR DEM
  • Stereo Analyst for Imagine

Option 2

Remote Sensing, GIS and Photogrammetry bundle for 5 user and 15 user license :

This package includes all the above mentioned GIS and Remote Sensing Software for Remote Sensing and GIS Edukit bundle and (Option 1) and add to that it includes IMAGINE Photogrammetry.

IMAGINE Photogrammetry includes

  • Formerly LPS Core
  • LPS Stereo
  • And single model point cloud processing using LPS eATE’s dense matching engine & IMAGINE Terrain Editor (includes LPS Terrain Editor and LPS Stereo)