Web GIS Portal

It is a web based GIS application along with workforce tracking.The application provides geospatial layer theming, adding dynamic geospatial data for a point layer.It has facility of dynamic form building which will used in mobile application for data entry. The dynamic forms can be relate to a point layer and point layers can be searched on geospatial data and can be analyzed by the form data. It has the facility of mobile user tracking along with plotting of survey form on the tracking path of the particular user. It provides notification for mobile user form entry. It supports both current and history data of tracking of mobile users.

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GIS Layer Theming

Customise Your Layer

The application provides geospatial layer theming. It has the facility to show polygon and point layers. Multiple layers can be shown at a time. It provides facility of user wise custom layer theming.

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Area Searching

Find your region of interest

The application provides area searching facility i.e. polygon layer searching. If a search is for a particular region is done, the application highlighted that particular area and zooming into the area.

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Point Searching

Find your location of interest

The application provides location searching facility i.e. point layer searching. A auto complete box helps the user to enter the location that he/she wants to search. The application zoom in to that particular location and shows a circle by making the point as center of it.

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Tracking With Survey Data

Analyse your field survey

The application provides the facility of workforce tracking. It shows both tracking and survey data of a particular users. It supports notification when the tracked mobile user submit a new form. It supports both current and history of tracking and form data entered by mobile user.

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Dynamic Form Building

Build your own form

The application provides dynamic form building facility for survey purpose. The form can link with point layers to get survey data for a particular point. A mobile application FDAS( Form Data Acquisition Software ) is integrated with the web application. With the help of this mobile application users can fill up forms and submit it to the central server. Along with the data, relevant images, and longitude and latitude value of the location from where the form has been submitted can also be updated. The entire service has a strong security and user management system.

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Mobile View Of Dynamic Form

Confirm your generated form

There is a facility to view the created dynamic form. Application provides a interface to see how the dynamic form will look in the mobile. User can check and verified the created form.

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Point Adding To Layer

Add points to layers

The application provides facility of adding new points to a point layer. Just choose a point layer and provide name and area information and choose a point from map and save. A new point will be ready for analysis.