Project Progress Monitoring system

Project Progress Monitoring System (PPMS) is a web-based enterprise application which helps in monitoring the progress of Construction development projects like buildings, roads, bridges, pipelines etc. The application is an intelligent mix of Geospatial Information System (GIS) and various Management Information System (MIS) for providing a highly effective monitoring mechanism. It can be used to enter multiple inputs like Mobile-based Geo-tagged Photographs & Videos, Aerial Photographs & Videos and Satellite Imagery directly from the field. This data can be viewed by the administrator in real time through the web-based application. The purpose of the solution is to provide information regarding Project Progress to increase efficiency.

The Solution Comprises:

  • Web-based Application which is used for viewing, analyzing and monitoring project progress
  • Mobile-based solution for Data Collection which include Photograph, Latitude/Longitude
  • Mobile App for on-the-go use with selected features from the web application
  • Integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based analysis

  • Manpower services for 3rd Party Monitoring and Data Collection

  • One Page Interactive Dashboard for Decision Support

Components of PPMS

PPMS Components

Core Utilities

  • Storing all Project Information and relevant documents in one central location which can be accessed through the internet anytime, anywhere
  • Monitoring Physical and Financial Progress of projects through geo-tagged photographs & videos captured directly from the site
  • Representation of project details on a map helps in analyzing projects based on location
  • Trained Manpower for providing Technical and Field-level support
  • Integration of Aerial Videos and Mobile Video Footage for surveillance and monitoring
  • Dedicated mobile app for collection of field data for officials and vendors
  • Intelligent Dashboard for Top-Level Data Analysis and Decision-Support
  • User-Friendly Project Status Reporting Tool that generates Excel and PDF files on the go
  • Notification through Mobile App, SMS and Email
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How Can PPMS Help You in Successful Implementation of Your Infrastructure Project?
Project Analysis Through GIS

Project Progress Analysis Through GIS

  • PPMS uses Google Maps and satellite imagery to help users view the project location for better understanding
  • Progress of project is represented on thematic (color-coded) maps. This simplifies project analysis and helps in decision-making.
  • PPMS can be used by surveyors to collect field data only when the device being used is positioned within the virtual buffer zone from the project location
  • It tracks the project team in real time for security surveillance and to improve the team’s efficiency
Central Repository of Project Information

Central Repository of Project Information

  • This software stores all the records of the projects. The system acts as a central repository of all projects. The project categories can be subdivided as:
    • Ongoing
    • Completed
      • Physically Completed
      • Financially Completed
  • Scanned documents can be uploaded to the system using its inbuilt Document Management System
  • Tender-related details and documents can also be stored and tagged to projects
  • Projects can be filtered on the basis of:
    • Location (Zone/ Circle/ District/ Division etc.)
    • Type of Project
    • Scheme
    • Department/Wing etc.
Project Monitoring

Monitor day-to-day project progress with visuals and data directly from the field

  • A user can create New Projects using PPMS Web Application. Seniors can view and approve/reject them using the PPMS Mobile App.
  • Once a project is approved, surveyors can use the PPMS Data Collector App to submit information related to project progress
  • Project progress can be divided into separate Stages. Based on the Stage of a project, its completion percentage can be monitored.
  • As soon as the Survey Information is sent by the surveyor, it is reviewed by a senior officer for approval/rejection before the data is registered
Customized Dashboard and Easy Reporting

Customized Dashboard and Easy Reporting

  • PPMS comes with a Customizable Dashboard for quick project management which displays the following information:
    • No. of Ongoing Projects
    • No. of Completed Projects
    • No. of Projects Yet to Start
    • Details of funds utilized and unutilized
    • Delayed Project Status etc.
  • The Dashboard provides notifications regarding New Project, New Survey, Project Completion
  • Report can be downloaded in Excel & PDF formats
Integrated Mobile App for Real-Time Data Capture from Field

Capture Real-time Geo tagged Project information using integrated Data Collector App

  • PPMS Data Collector App is used to capture Data, Photographs, Latitude /Longitude, Barcode remotely from the field. This data can be viewed in real time on the web portal. Hence, it acts as a remote monitoring system.
  • It can only collect and send information when the mobile device is positioned within the virtual buffer zone of the respective project site. This results in Zero inaccuracy of data.
  • This app also works at places where there is no network connectivity
  • It works in both Android and iOS-based mobile & tablet devices
Integrated Mobile App for On-the-Go Usage

Stay notified about project updates, inspections & approvals using PPMS Mobile App

  • PPMS Mobile App brings all project progress information at user's fingertips
  • This App has an option for managers to approve/reject new Projects and the Survey data submitted
  • In areas with weak or zero internet connectivity, data collected using the app is stored in the device which is synced to the server when connectivity is regained
  • It has an inbuilt scanner which can be used for scanning and uploading documents
  • The app has both, Fingerprint/6-digit-passcode-based authentication system for secured login
Integration of Visuals Captured Using PPMS App

Using PPMS Data Collcetor App, Capture and Compare Project Progress with Geotagged videos

  • The PPMS Mobile App comes with an inbuilt Video Capture tool which not only captures high resolution videos but also its co-ordinates
  • Videos captured are tagged to Projects and multiple videos can be stored for each project location
  • Geo-Tagged Videos can be compared side by side for project progress analysis over a period of time
  • Videos can be very effective in visualization of any type of Infrastructure project specially Road, Pipeline etc.
Integration of Visuals Captured Using UAVs

Integration of Visuals Captured Using UAVs

  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) deployed at the project site are used to capture aerial data
  • These geo-tagged visuals provide a bird’s eye view of the project. You can use them to improve site planning, manage assets and identify risks at the site.
  • High-resolution images and videos captured by drones can be used to compare actual site conditions with the initial construction model. Videos taken before and during the project implementation can be used to calculate progress rate.
  • Drone data saves time and reduces project cost by preventing rework

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