The utility sector which was once considered a slow-moving industry, is now seeing a huge range of innovations and improvement in technology. It is very important for the energy and utility organizations to understand business trends and create a successful IT strategy in this market.
GIS in power distribution


Reliable and affordable electric power is a necessity for the operation of the constituent elements of a developed economy.

GIS pipeline mapping for Gas and water


Effective pipeline planning and management require appropriate awareness regarding human and environmental constraints.

Drainage mapping for urban utility


The extensively used sewerage treatment system requires appropriate monitoring and management for it to work efficiently.

How can GIS help in the Utility sector

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is boosting the Utility Sector by proper planning and managing resources which in terms is effectively reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Below are listed a few advantages of implementing GIS in the Utility sector :

  • GIS can help mapping all the utilities with accurate location data of Infrastructure/Network assets spread around the city/ locality
  • GIS helps in reduction of cost due to the increase in efficiency in the process
  • GIS can have a central database which can keep account of all the assets across the location in the field which may help the field crew to work on requests on-the-go
  • GIS implementation automates routine tasks which help save money spent on repairs, replacement, and maintenance
  • Utility mapping eases the decision-making process through GIS as it eliminates the time and effort spent interpreting the ground knowledge, making sure that all team members use the same information in real-time
  • Collection of data is faster, thus increasing productivity and efficiency with the help of mobile technologies in GIS. With the advancement of mobile technologies in GIS collection of data is even faster and more in real time
  • CyberSWIFT fully understands the potential of GIS technology in the Utility sector and one of the primary goals of utility providers is to plan and manage the use of resources to deliver commodities such as water, oil, and gas, electricity etc. to customers. With the utility assets spread across a large geographical expanse, companies require effective mapping solutions to track and manage these. Applying GIS in utility management can be used to solve this problem. We provide innovative GIS-based utility management solutions to help companies worldwide, plan and execute utility projects successfully.

    CyberSWIFT specializes in providing innovative geospatial solutions for water utility management, GIS in power distribution, pipeline mapping etc. to help companies make well-informed decisions. Contact us to utilize the power of GIS to increase the efficiency and save time in deploying public works software and improve community satisfaction.