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Land Acquisition management

Land Acquisition & Management Systems (LAMS) Explained

Property of all types have always been a valuable asset. Land in particular has been one of the most historic of all investments types, going back to earliest times in recorded history. Many kinds of companies today are involved in land ownership, acquisition, sales, and leasing of land or properties, and for some, they manage many properties at a time.This can produce tremendous amounts of paperwork, documents, drawings, pictures, maps, and these days even videos of properties a company is considering leasing or purchasing, or selling, and so on. This is where the need of a comprehensive land acquisition management system comes into play. A dedicated software platform designed and created to manage Land management tasks can take all the land acquisition related activities and artifacts and consolidate them all together in an organized and accessible way.

Companies can move much more quickly and accurately, with less overall effort involved with all land-related data gathered into a single purpose built system to maximize the benefits that can be realized.

One such system, is our own offering here at CyberSWIFT™, which we call LAMS. Our product, Land Management System (LAMS) is a web-based business solution that solves the problems faced by the organizations in managing and monitoring large areas of land.

It is an intelligent mix of GIS (Geographic Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) which can be used to manage, update and monitor land-related data & information. It can also store Government records such as deeds, plot maps, non-encumbrance certificates, inspection reports and so forth.

This highly customizable software can also be integrated with map engines like Google Map, Bing Map, Google Earth or many others, and can be further fine tuned to match your work flows and business processes by customizing our core product to meet your needs.

Managing large amounts of land doesn’t have to be a large amount of work! Using technology already available today, and tools like LAMS, you can turn that mountain into a molehill and be on your way to your weekend, in no time compared to the old days of paperwork and filing cabinets full of land and legal documents.

The benefits to Land Acquisition Management tool like LAMS, in time savings, accuracy and timeliness in documents and document access, information reporting and data consolidation are vast for people dealing with lots of land business. If your company deals with land, we highly recommend checking out a tool like LAMS to see what kind of time and money it can help you save in your business.

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