New York International

NY INTL ( helps making NYC better for internationals - and the internationally minded - living in New York City.

New York International is a guide for professional internationals and the internationally minded living in and around New York City.

We are looking at New York from an international perspective to make the city an even better place to live in. It's our way of providing services for the international community on a personal and entertaining level, while encouraging our audience to experience the city in a new way. New York International: for the local global citizen.

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The client wanted to have an easy content upload feature which makes it handy for the website admin to operate the site. The portal is so developed that the admin can easily update website content, choose and select the most popular story, highlight about upcoming and past events in and around the city, and share details about organizations associated with the publishing house and more.


Three types of user can login throughout the site.

  • Admin - manage the admin panel
  • Member - participate in different types of contest organized by the Admin
  • Editor – create, modify or remove articles for the site according to the privileges given by Admin to them

Members have the facility to login to the site without registration procedure, using the social media login such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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Admin Panel

The Admin has the full access and privilege to create, modify and remove the contents of the site as well as

  • Managing contents
  • Managing events
  • Synchronize the site with
  • Reviewing the submitted story
  • Managing all information about the renowned organizations of New York City
  • Managing contests
  • Managing users of the site
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Dynamic Gallery

A dynamic gallery to control home page slider from the admin.

  • Specific event to highlight
  • Specific story to highlight
  • Specific pitch to highlight
  • Specific blog to highlight
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List of organization available in New York and other Country.

  • Useful organizations situated in NYC

Global Search

Allows user to search through out the site at once

  • User can search with a keyword
  • The searching result will cover all the sections like stories, events, organizations etc.
Global Search

Google Maps

Let the user know about the event details

  • Showing the event location
  • Clicking on the pointer shows event details in brief
Google Maps


Make it easy to add contents for the website

  • Interactive editor for the admin panel to customise content and its styling
  • Easy to add an image in the content
Easy Content Update on the Website


All the main events taking place in NYC

  • Searching options from calender according to a specific date(and onwards)
  • Searching options according to category
Event Calendar - NYC


  • Synchronizing with to get the information about the NYC food/restaurant, tech world etc.
  • Helps people to get easy access of NYC with the site