System Architecture Technical Details of Jharkhand Call Centre

gis applications

Automatic Call Distributor

  • Intelligent Distribution and Routing Methods
  • Queuing and Holding of Calls
  • Highly Scalable IVR system & Hold / Queue Messaging
  • Efficient User / User Group Management
  • Remote Supervision with Snooping, Barging and Tele-conferencing
  • Seamlessly integrated with CRM
  • Intelligent Voice Gateway Integration
  • Extensive Reporting Capability


  • Predictive Dialer for Outbound Calling
  • Both on-screen and off-screen Dialing
  • Outbound Call Integration / Scheduling with CRM
  • Integration with CRM and CTI for Dialed number Identification

Backup Module (CRM and Voice Logs)

  • Daily Automatic Data Backup and Sync with Remote Mirror Server
  • Weekly Backup in external Hard Disks / Tape Drives
  • Month wise DVD storage


  • Reporting module will be integrated in both CRM and Telephony System
  • Reports will be submitted in desired format to the department as and when required
  • The Department will also be provided with a window / tool so as they can also generate reports at will


  • The System will be scalable enough to move to newer dimensions in a short period of time

Audit Trail

  • Entire System will be under a strict and comprehensive audit trail detailing any changes and activities in the entire system
  • The system would not have any allowance for deletion of Audit log in any means
  • The Client will be provided with an interface to access the Audit log at any point in time

Technical Details

Complaint Registration and Management System ( vtiger CRM )

  • Web / Browser based Solution
  • Can be accessed by Department Officials for status updation / monitoring
  • Ticket Generation Module
  • Can Log activity on particular tickets
  • Capable of Document attachment
  • Seamless Integration with CLI and Incoming Calls
  • Integration with Dialer for Outbound Calls
  • Open-source based Application, Fully Customizable
  • Integration with E-Mail & SMS System

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

  • Integration with Caller Line Identification, Automatic number Identification, Dialed Number Identification
  • Integration with CRM and other systems
  • On-screen options for Hold, Conference, Retrieve Hold, Transfer Features
  • Smart agent Screen with Call Transfer Features
  • Handling of 5 way conferencing through Agent Screen

Call Logger/Recorder

  • Voice Logs of all Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Screen Action Recording with Voice Logs
  • Voice Logs stored with all important attributes and key identification number
  • Voice Logs can be downloaded in multiple formats
  • Can handle huge
  • All voice logs are stored in a central linux based server
  • Daily automatic backup to a mirror server
  • Tape drive / External Hard Disk backup every week
  • Will provide monthly voice logs to Department in DVDs


  • The entire system will have industry standard security module
  • Passwords, user authentication, user management will be highly secured
  • The System will also allow easy configuration window so as to change or move to different security angle if required