India Pollution Map

About the client

Our client, Centre of Development Finance (CDF), wanted to develop a website to display online pollution maps. CDF works on improving the delivery of public goods that contribute to inclusive social and economic opportunity in India. The team at CDF consists of development practitioners as well as researchers from various domains.


The client wanted to develop a visual map to display complete, timely, and localized picture of pollution in India. This map would provide a visual representation of the data collected from pollution based parameters like level of air pollution, water pollution, etc. The client also desired that the prepared map should help in tapping down the regions getting affected by pollution to a great extent, and identify the reasons responsible for causing such damage.

About the Project

Keeping the client’s requirement in mind, we prepared a website with an online map representing the pollution rate across the nation. The map also highlights the regions where major changes have taken place in the environment because of pollution. At the same time, this overall program would also help in identifying the necessary steps that needs to be taken to check the development of pollution related problems.

The project was divided into two sections:

  • Elaborating the national and international measures for checking the level of pollution; technologies for monitoring and improving the regulatory standards for measuring and monitoring pollution in India.
  • Drawing attention to the existing gap in policy and practice that in turn would fuel advocacy efforts.

Key features of the application

Pollution Data upload

This link would allow a user to upload data collected after pollution monitoring program. The data could be uploaded in the form of an excel sheet or in a PDF file format. Images related to the data could also be uploaded respectively.

mapserver postgis

Pollution query

This feature allow visitors to express their views and queries related to the problems arising because of air pollution and water pollution. At the same time, the visitor can also receive remedial solutions to solve these problems.

State your Pollution Query

Information on tool tip

This feature allows present data on the map in the form of color coded points. Clicking at any particular point on the map will show the data in respect to it.

web mapping application

Color coding

Color coding feature has been used to present the districts on the online map.

web mapping software

Information on click

Clicking on any particular color will highlight the regions that come under the specified category and also the data related to the region.

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