ESRI Based Products

CyberSWIFT has a dynamic relationship with NIITGIS which is the sole distribution company for ESRI in India. We also have VAR (Value added reseller) rights to sell ESRI products in the eastern part of India, and we have right to sell almost all products sold by NIIT GIS on behalf of ESRI.

Here’s a snippet of what we offer in ESRI products :

Arc View

Most Basic Desktop GIS Software mostly used for preliminary digitization and mapping.

Arc Editor

It is an advanced option to Arc View. It has got more that 50 percent functionality of the total Arc GIS. It is a great tool for a moderate GIS professional.

Arc Info

It is the best Arc GIS package with complete functionalities and can be used to do high end GIS analysis. This is a very useful tool for people with good experience in GIS and other Arc Versions.

Arc GIS Server

Arc server is the best possible Web GIS Server but it is quite expensive. It can handle huge amount of data over browser and the best cloud GIS possible. The product base for ESRI is large and can be applied in various domains.