SWIFTANALYTIX is an intuitive, map-based business intelligence solution that adds the power of visualization to your bland business data. Its location intelligence gives you an insight on how your choice of locations influence your sales performance. So apparently, it helps you discover the right market for your products, connect you with your ideal buyers, reduce risks, optimize costs and increase the returns like never before.

SWIFTANALYTIX website link: www.swiftanalytix.com

Benefits We Provide

Sales Analysis

Draw geographic patterns out of your sales data, identify best and worst performing stores and learn how your products individually perform.

Sales Analysis - Geographic Pattern of your Sales Data

Market Analysis

Discover new Markets, gain an insight on Socioeconomic characteristics of a region and the factors influencing strong or weak sales.

insight on Socioeconomic characteristics - Market Analysis

Site Selection

Select promising sales sites with incorporated location based intelligence, understand the market potential and plan an optimized network.

Site Selection

Inventory Distribution And Planning

Forecast sales volume and plan distribution, by analyzing historic data, demand and potential in a location for an optimized inventory.

Inventory Distribution And Planning

Resource Management

Manage and Monitor the performance of your salespeople, structurize the workload and put your best people to take care of special events.

Resource Management - Monitor Your Salespeople