Software Solutions for Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR)

Web based corporate social responsibility software (CSR)

GIS and MIS Application for Monitoring CSR Activities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)is an application conceptualized to track the CSR activities done by corporate houses in and around the areas where they are located. The designed application is an intelligent mix of MIS and GIS for providing the correct picture of CSR activities undertaken, and is expected to work as a planning and a decision support system.

What are the key features of our CSR application?

Being a perfect mix of both GIS and MIS it serves a lot of objectives. Take a look.

MIS Objectives Advantages and Process

  • Record Initial Assessment Information of the Area
  • Projects / Activities identified and defined in the system
  • Plans and Timelines
  • Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Fund Allocation to Different Activities
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Post Project Analysis
  • Detailed information about CSR Activities
Corporate Social responsibility(CSR)

GIS Objectives Advantages and Process

  • Understanding of the region
  • Mapping and archiving along with pictures and scanned documents for all Infrastructure developed under CSR
  • CSR Efforts is distributed across the region
  • Identification of weaker regions
  • Decision Support System for fund allocation
  • Area wise tracking possible
GIS Objectives Advantages and Process

Technical Details

  • CSR Software can work on Linux and Windows operating system
  • It works with Postgres / Postgis /Oracle Spatial /SQL Server
  • The application is highly scalable and integration with other map engine
custom enterprise solution

How can our CSR application help you?

If you are looking for an application that keeps a track of all the corporate social responsibility activities you are undertaking, you are at the right page. Here’s a glimpse of how our CSR application can help you.

  • Tracks and Records historical CSR activities done in the region
  • Understands demographics of the region with respect to villages, and habitats around the area
  • Focuses on key areas of CSR activities for future implementation
  • Allocates funds with respect to regions and key CSR activities
CSR Activites in an Area