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Urban GIS Solution

Web-GIS based urban planning and information system

In the urban development program of a particular region, improvement of various features like road and railway system, socio-economic development of the region, and many such factors should be considered. In order to do such work, regions where development is required needs to be located. GIS application has helped in identifying these regions and helped in planning the urban development project related to the chosen regions strategically.

Our GIS team has developed efficient GIS application to perform some of the major services related to the urban development. This application can be utilized according to the client’s requirement. This application helps in services like:

  • Per capita analysis
  • Locating necessary resources required for the development project
  • Accuracy improvement
  • Monitoring road networking system
  • Improvement of health and sanitation department
  • Improvement of the literacy rate by developing educational department

Such services have actually helped in sound urban development of a region that has been chosen as per the project.