We conduct surveys to collect owner details of project-affected plots and identify zones to rehabilitate the families. This helps in granting rehabilitation, resettlement and fair compensation to the families that have been unsettled due to projects executed in their land. The objective of rehabilitation and resettlement (R&R) is to ensure that the affected community regains its standard of living. Land acquisition demands increased rehabilitation and resettlement. Transparency and organization are essential for efficient management of the rehabilitation process. This is where GIS (Geographic Information System) becomes relevant.

Role of CyberSWIFT in R&R Management

The Rehabilitation and Resettlement management process conducted by CyberSWIFT is quite extensive. This includes the following steps:

Management of rehabilitation and resettlement R&R Management
  • Land records of the areas of interest are procured from the land departments. These include Record of Rights (RoR), names of owners, property details etc.
  • Socio-economic surveys are conducted to record the owner details of those properties that are not listed in the RoRs obtained from land officials. Door-to-door survey is a primary data collection method.
  • The details collected are entered into the GIS software to maintain accurate records. This software can be used to create family trees of the occupants of all individual properties.
  • Finally, we utilize GIS to identify areas that are suitable for accommodation of the families of the project-affected areas.

We ensure that accuracy and efficiency are maintained throughout the process of R&R management. We have undertaken several projects in this domain and have completed them successfully.