Land management refers to the activities related to the acquisition, development and use of land resources. There is a vast amount of data associated with land management which includes the location of land, land use pattern, topographical details, ownership records and more. Land officials are also required to manage an increasing number of lease documents and related data. Additionally, there has been a growth in the number of companies acquiring land. As a result, putting an appropriate land management system in place has become vital. CyberSWIFT offers effective GIS-based land monitoring and management solutions to make the process systematic and hassle-free. Our services include map preparation, computerization of land records, survey and data collection etc. We also provide customized software solutions for land management. LAMS (Land Acquisition Management System) combines GIS and MIS into one platform for all your land-related activities.

land and asset management solution

Land and Asset Management Solution

We develop web-based software for managing land acquisition details and other information for our clients with features like GIS and MIS integration etc.

satellite image integration

Satellite Image Integration

We source high-resolution satellite imagery from related departments which we use to identify topographical and cadastral features, spot encroachment etc.

computerization of land survey records

Computerization of Land Records

We digitize existing land-related documents like Record of Rights, cadastral maps etc. which are integrated with spatial and attribute data.

maps and data collection

Collection of Maps and Data

Efficient land management relies on data. We collect relevant cadastral maps, Right of Record (RoR) and other details from Government departments for digitization.

survey and map preparation

Survey and Map Preparation

Our experienced team conducts extensive surveys to collect land-related spatial and attribute data. This data is used for the preparation of maps for land management.

rehabilitation resettlement management

Rehabilitation & Resettlement Management

We conduct surveys to collect owner details of project-affected plots and identify zones to rehabilitate the families.