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GIS For Land Management Solutions

GIS has emerged as a great help in effectively using land management technology. With more and more companies planning to acquire land, the process of land management becomes very important. With a number of data to be managed, the use of effective GIS technology makes the process hassle free and systematic. CyberSWIFT offers an effective solution for Land Management specially in cases like Land Acquisition.

What We Offer in Solutions for Land Management?

  • We would Collect the Raw Map like Village Maps / Cadastral Sheet Government Offices.
  • We would collect Plot wise Ownership details from the Government Records in the form of ROR
  • We would scan, Mosaick, and Digitize the Maps Collected
  • We would collect, Scale, and geo reference the collected map to reference to the exact position in terms of Earth Coordinates.
  • We would attach the individual plot data to the map for the same to be available with reference to the map.
  • We would acquire Satellite image on your behalf for the concerned Area of Interest
  • We would do image processing to generate Land Use map which would provide information like present area under agriculture land, forest land, number of habitations, number of houses in each habitations et etc.
  • We would port the entire data in specialized Web based software for Land Acquisition Management System where all the data can be utilized at its maximum. Read more about Land Management Acquisition system

How Can Our Land Management Solutions Help You?

  • Data Collection – When it comes to land management, data collection is one of the most tedious tasks as the process can be divided into two parts with collection of both Maps and Data. With our land management solution we assist you in both the tasks. Here’s how –
    • Maps – We would collect the required maps from the Block, District and State Offices. These maps would be primarily Cadastral Maps/ Village Maps/ Mouza Maps. For inventory wherever Block Maps or Police Station Maps are required the same will also be collected.
    • Data – The primary record available with the Government will be the Right of Record Information (ROR). This has to be collected from Block Offices of the respective area. The same will be collected, and entered into a defined database to be absorbed into the GIS application at a later date.
  • Scan and Digitize – These maps so collected will be required to be scanned and digitized. The maps will be in the scale of 1:3960.
  • Geo-reference – When representing a data on the virtual world, it becomes very important to have the accurate coordinates. The maps are required to be converted from 1:3960 scale to actual 1:1 scale.
  • Integration of Spatial and Non-Spatial Data – Once the Maps and the data are ready, they are attached together to provide the necessary advantage in GIS environment. All ownership data would now be available with individual plots, and the same can be retrieved with a single click on the plot. If the plot has more than one owner as per the records in the government the same will be displayed on the click of a button. Also the integration will provide necessary information like Individual owners having plots in different part of the villages, summarized information like number of non government plots, or plots coming under forest department etc.