Development of GIS Based Land Management Software

About the project

The TATA Group is one of the most prestigious Indian conglomerates operating in more than 80 countries across six continents. Tata Steel is one of their flagship companies. The company has manufacturing operations in 26 countries, with the largest plant located at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. CyberSWIFT had the opportunity to develop a land management software for TATA Steel, the twelfth largest steel producing company in the world. The objective of the software was to build a land bank for the land owned by the company across the country. It is being used as an effective tool for places where company is acquiring land. For the existing land, it works as a planning, decision support and archival system. The system is also used effectively for change detection in Land Use/Land Cover over the years.

Objectives of the Project

Tata Steel had the following objectives from the project:

  • Inventory of Land they owned with information attached to a visual output. A GIS Based Land Bank
  • Keep History Details of Land they have acquired which would contain:
    • Land Use - Present and Past
    • Land Use Inventory - On basis of Individual Plots
    • Change in pattern of Land over period of Time
  • Help with management of Land they are acquiring
  • A WebGIS Based Application that can be used by a large organization across different Geographical Locations.

Extraction of Data from Cadastral Sheets

Hardcopy cadastral sheets are converted into Georeferenced digital format and vector layers of relevant features are extracted. The steps involved are discussed below:

  • Scanning and mosaicking - Hardcopy cadastral sheets were scanned and saved in Tiff format. After this, all the individual sheets were stitched together to get the actual map of the entire region.
  • GCP collection and Georeferencing - GCP was collected by visiting the physical area. This collected data was imported into the image processing software. The mosaicked cadastral sheet was georeferenced using the collected GCP
GIS based land management software
  • Digitization of the Cadastral sheet - Administrative boundaries like village boundary, plot boundary, block boundary was identified from mosaicked and georeferenced cadastral sheets. These sheets were then digitized to receive a detailed digital map of the area with plot level details.

Integration of Satellite Images

The prime objective of using satellite images was to generate present land use of the area. Superimposing the same with Cadastral sheets provided plot wise inventory of land use. This would help the organization in determining prices during acquisition. It also helps in providing various estimations for further development activity when the project would start.

Satellite Image Integration

Detection of Changes in Land Use Pattern Over Time

The next step taken is Change detection. This is a process wherein the spatial difference is mapped taking the advantage of the temporal resolution. Imagery of two different dates are provided as inputs from where the change in the topography can be detected.

Land Use Mapping

Development of a Land Acquisition Management System

LAMS is a web GIS-based solution from CyberSWIFT. This was the central web-based software which was used for hosting all land information. This software highlights the plots that are targeted for acquisition, and the process required for executing these land management operations on the same database. It enables customized query execution like asking about the plots or asking about the agreement that has been drawn between the company and the landowner. This developed software can be installed on any server or machine that is being designated by the client himself. The user access right is given to the client so that he can work on it from any location by using the Internet. This software has unique features like the following:

  • This software comprises various layers of a particular area.
Land Acquisition Management System
  • These various layers and plots of land have attribute data attached to it. The data includes photographs of claimants of the plots, scanned copies of the important documents, land owner's details, and more.
  • The database is viewed by the users of the system on mouse over and click events.

LAMS is tailored according to the requirements of TATA Steel. LAMS has been launched into TATA Steel's host server and the client's system.

Maintenance and Data Input

The entire solution had an effective Data Input module. This would help the system to be updated on a year-to-year basis to retain its effectiveness. CyberSWIFT helps in annual maintenance and change requests from the client to accommodate new requirements.

Data Input and maintenance

Final Deliverable

We delivered a web-based GIS application that can be used across multiple geographic locations. This system works as an effective planning and decision support system for the purpose of land management.