Geo-referencing of maps

We georeference cadastral maps, forest compartment maps etc. using sharp Ground Control Points (GCPs) of the areas of interest collected through DGPS surveys. The mosaicked maps are georeferenced in a way to ensure high positional accuracy. The cadastral maps are provided by the client or procured from the concerned authorities. They undergo rigorous digitization procedures including scanning, mosaicking, vectorization and georeferencing. The final outcome is a detailed map of the area of interest with an internal coordinate system that matches the ground system of geographic coordinates.

Geo-referencing of Cadastral Maps

The existing cadastral sheets of the areas of interest are procured from the concerned authorities. We georeference the mosaicked maps by matching the coordinates of prominent features such as roads, buildings, bridges etc. The Ground Control Points (GCPs) are usually collected on the basis of the area and shape of the concerned region. These georeferenced and vectorized cadastral maps are used to identify administrative boundaries which include village/plot/block boundaries. Apart from that, coordinates of features like waterbodies, railway line as, roads etc. can also be extracted from these maps for conducting surveys.

geo referencing of cadastral maps Geo-referencing of Cadastral Maps

Geo-referencing of Mining Boundaries

We deliver georeferenced mining boundary maps that show the exact coordinates of the mining pillars, permanent reference control locations, temporary base locations etc. superimposed over the cadastral sheets along with plot-wise details of the areas of interest. These maps can be used as reliable references for conducting DGPS surveys of the concerned regions.

geo-referencing of mining boundaries Geo-referencing of Mining Boundaries

Geo-referencing of Forest Compartment Maps

Dividing a forest area into multiple homogeneous units or compartments facilitates easy management and decision-making. We digitize and georeference forest compartment maps that can be used to identify possible locations of valuable resources and potential sites for mining.

Digitization and Geo-referencing of forest compartment maps Geo-referencing of Forest Compartment Maps