Election Management

The process of conducting an election is complex. The officials need to handle voluminous data during all the phases of election. Appropriate election management requires providing the accurate data to the right person at the correct location. The sensitivity of the task demands a well-organized, secure and fair system to appeal to the masses. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the election process, government bodies are increasingly using GIS (Geographic Information System) in several procedures. We utilize GIS-based technology to provide solutions for facilitating efficient management of election activities and its logistics for the workers. Our solutions cover the three stages of election (pre-election, during the election and counting). We have developed several customized applications that assist in systematic election management.

geo-spatial solution for pre-election management


We deliver solutions that aid administrative activities conducted before the election starts through the use of innovative IT solutions.

expenditure monitoring and vehicle tracking system

Election Days

CyberSWIFT’s smart election management solutions include collecting and sharing critical data in real time, live monitoring of election areas and more.

counting of real time election results


We develop customized solutions that help in sharing real-time election results with the media and other concerned authorities.