Election Days

CyberSWIFT’s smart election management solutions include collecting and sharing critical data in real time, live monitoring of election areas and more. We develop tools that help election management officials keep track of the polling day activities remotely. This enhances transparency of the process and improves communication, thus quickening response time in the event of any disruptive activities. Our robust and reliable systems facilitate efficient management of election day operations. Here’s a quick look at the solutions that we provide.

Live Monitoring of Sensitive Areas (LMSA)

Monitoring activities around polling stations is a critical requirement especially in sensitive areas to identify and reduce the possibilities of disruptive occurrences. To achieve this, we have developed an advanced system for monitoring these areas on the previous as well as the same day of the election in the following ways:

live monitoring of sensitive area Live Monitoring of Sensitive Areas (LMSA)
  • Web Casting: High-resolution cameras are mounted at the top of the Election Monitoring Vehicles for surveillance of the sensitive polling areas on the day of the election. This video is uploaded to the web and a copy of it is stored in the NVR (Network Video Recording) device. We have developed a webGIS-based video viewing panel for live streaming of the camera feed at the remote monitoring center.
  • Vehicle Tracking System: The LMSA system comprises a mobile live tracking application that enables location tracking of the camera-mounted election vehicle. It has multiple image upload capability along with a feature to store location coordinates at certain intervals.
  • Remote Alert App: The system has a provision for alert generation through the mobile app. A single click of a button will send the location data to the central server using GPRS/mobile Internet/Wi-Fi in the event of a mishap. The Monitoring Cell will be able to see the alert on a map in the form of a special pointer and the officials will be able to view the video feed of the area from where the alert has been generated.

This solution helps in tracking illegal activities and reporting election operations at sensitive areas to a remote base location in real-time.

Booth Webcasting

Booth webcasting ensures transparency in election by enabling officials to centrally monitor the complete process of polling. It involves live streaming of the activities of voters and officials inside the polling booth. This footage can be viewed by the officers from remote locations. This is achieved by using a device (mobile phone/laptop) with a camera strategically placed inside the booth to capture the activities. We provide booth webcasting solutions for comprehensive coverage of elections using robust technology along with in-depth training.

booth webcasting during elections Booth Webcasting

Mobile Live Tracking

We have developed a GIS-based application for the Election Commissioner of West Bengal for monitoring polling procedures.

mobile live tracking application Mobile Live Tracking

This hosted mobile application comes with a variety of features:

  • Sector officers can use this app to notify the administrator about their safe arrival at the polling station, completion of election procedure, collection of voting machines from the booths, safe arrival at receiving center etc.
  • Sector officers can instantly upload images and brief descriptions against them from any location. This image gets uploaded in the server and becomes available at the control room.
  • The ‘Tracking’ feature tracks the movement of sector officers within and beyond their respective territories. The administrator can view the route directions of the sector officers on a map. S/he can also find out the names, contact details etc. of the sector officers by clicking on the polling booths and contact them as and when necessary.
  • The ‘Law and Order’ feature of this application can be used to report any violent or criminal activity taking place during election.
  • The ‘EVM Problem’ feature reports about the malfunctioning of any EVM or Election Voting Machine during the voting process.

This intuitive application is highly effective in conducting secure and smooth elections.

Expenditure Monitoring

Election expenditure requires appropriate monitoring to ensure that the prescribed limits are not exceeded. We deliver web and mobile-based solutions that facilitate accurate reporting of election fund allocation.

expenditure monitoring during elections Expenditure Monitoring

Some of the features of the expenditure monitoring platform that we have developed are listed below:

  • This application contains user-specific forms that election officials can fill to facilitate location-based expenditure monitoring.
  • It accommodates various facilities like image and video upload, storing coordinate (latitude and longitude) values of the mobile phone location at specific intervals, activation of app lock from remote central location etc.
  • It can be used to track meeting status of District Election Officer with political parties, number of inspections conducted by Returning Officer, amount of cash seized by Flying Squad and Static Surveillance Team, number of meetings and street corners covered by the Video Surveillance Team and more.

This expenditure monitoring system enhances transparency of election fund disbursement and curbs illegal activities.