Disasters strike without notice. Preparedness, planning and implementation are key to tackle disasters effectively. To accomplish this, it is vital to have the right data at the right time. This is where Geographic Information System becomes comes into play. It can be used as a decision-support tool to plan and execute rescue operations effectively. We provide GIS-based solutions to facilitate efficient disaster management. These solutions consolidate all the necessary data related to disaster management including the locations of rescue teams, route analysis to reach disaster-affected areas, evacuation plans, shelter locations, weather updates etc. Based on this, authorities can predict and prepare for emergencies, respond to them effectively and conduct recovery activities appropriately.

Disaster Monitoring System

Disaster Monitoring

The disaster monitoring system acts as a life and resource saving tool in two ways - it facilitates quick evacuation during disaster and helps in delivering effective rescue operations post-disaster.

project progress monitoring system

Project Progress Monitoring System (PPMS)

We develop comprehensive project progress monitoring systems that enable users to track workflow, allocate resources and funds, monitor expenses etc.

weather analysis and monitoring

Weather Analysis & Monitoring

Our weather analysis solutions can be used to compare historical and current weather data, provide real-time weather updates, analyze weather impact etc.