Application of GIS in Disaster Management

GIS in Disaster Management

Internet-based GIS in effective natural disaster management

Taking serious steps before the occurrence of any natural disaster is one of the major factors for every country to think about. Introduction of remote sensing and GIS tool has helped in solving this issue to a greater extent.

In a disaster management project, the primary job of a disaster expert is to monitor the situation and identify probable factors responsible for causing the disaster. To identify these factors in a more accurate way and to plan out probable risk management steps, remote sensing and GIS tools are used.Our GIS team has developed an efficient GIS tool which not only detects natural disasters but also fire accidents. This GIS tool helps in planning, identifying and locating probable solutions to save the people and the land area of the affected region from getting damaged.

Disaster Management Application

For the fire fighting services, this GIS tool provides both web based as well as desktop applications to work on. In fact, this tool can also help in arranging the data from many sources and plan out strategic precautionary measures.

GIS can be used effectively in disaster management for the following purposes:

  • Planning
  • Planning
  • Measuring
  • Decision making
  • Action taking / redresser

CyberSWIFT has visualized most effective solutions so as to enable to connect with the people in crucial events so as to provide emergency services on the spur of the moment.