Development and Maintenance of a Fitness Website

About the project

Get Fit By Rob is dedicated to help people become physically fit through weekly workout programs and fitness products sold through the website. Rob’s training programs are focused on weight loss, postural correction, flexibility, pageant preparation, sports-specific training etc. CyberSWIFT has contributed to the development and maintenance of the website through the integration of a Fitness Calculator, Sandbox testing of the PayPal transactions and pushing it to production from staging. Let’s take a look at the details.

Integration of Fitness Calculator

The Fitness Calculator calculates a user’s Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Based on a user’s details like gender, age, height, weight, daily activities and exercise information, it calculates the amount of calories s/he would need to consume to arrive at their suggested weight loss percentage. The user can vary this percentage among 15%, 20% and 25%. It also calculates the amount of calories a user needs to consume to encourage muscle growth without increasing unwanted body fat. The results are sent to the user via Email. Both, the user and administrator will have access to the results. This Fitness Calculator was developed on Wordpress platform and we used open-source PHP framework.

integration of fitness calculator

PayPal Sandbox Testing

We created a Sandbox account for testing the website’s PayPal transactions. Based on the responses received via this account for sample testing transactions, we made the necessary modifications to the website. It was made live once the PayPal transaction module of the website was rendered free of bugs.

paypal sandbox testing

Pushing the Website from Staging to Production

This was achieved via the following steps:

  • Backing up the website before pushing it from the staging to the production stage
  • Tying up loose ends by deleting demo pages, discouraging search engine tracking of the staged website etc.
  • Switching the domain name of the staged website to the production name
  • Transferring the site to the new server and configuring it

Final Deliverable

The website was integrated with a Fitness Calculator and an accurately functional PayPal transaction system. It was pushed from the staging to the production stage.