Corporate Social Responsibility

We deliver analytics-based solutions that cater to the activities conducted by organizations as a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is geared to equip corporate houses with a planning and decision-support system that consolidates all CSR project details, related documents etc. into a single platform. This application is an intelligent mix of GIS (Geographic Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) that can be used to track CSR activities conducted by a company and manage them accordingly. This improves transparency of the procedures and integrates swift CSR activity management into an organization’s goals and objectives.

The purpose of conducting CSR activities for an organization is to positively impact the environmental and social systems that it operates in. These activities range across multiple domains that include education, women empowerment, healthcare, environment etc. Proper planning, management and monitoring are crucial for the effectiveness of any CSR project. Our CSR application helps you achieve this by:
Tracking and recording the CSR activities previously conducted in an area
Understanding the demographics of an area in the context of the villages surrounding it
Focusing on the key areas of CSR activities for future implementation
Allocating funds with respect to region and key CSR activities
Keeping track of expenses and managing CSR projects minutely
A range of useful features provided by this software ensures that all your requirements are met and the purpose is fulfilled.