GIS in Advertising

Creating Client Proposal

Advertising is considered as an essential medium to communicate with the mass. This medium helps a commercial company to locate its target consumers and convince them to buy their business products. Mediums like TV/ radio commercials, print media, and many more are used to communicate with the consumers successfully. Non-profitable organizations also use these mediums to publish advertisements related to social awareness. However, there are unidentified regions that are unaware of such social awareness. Introduction of GIS in advertising has helped in locating these regions and bring an effective solution to these problems.

Our GIS team has introduced web based GIS application to make the entire job easier for non-profitable organizations. This application helps in services like:

  • Convergence of advertising information
  • Identifying the regions in respect to the sales rate
  • Carrying out a research study of the surrounding areas where the business has been set up.
  • Identifying target consumers for the advertisement
  • Analyzing spatial data required for this job
  • Identifying probable issues that may cause problems

We did make it a point to make this application a user friendly app for the users.