Social and Environmental stability are fundamental for a corporate's long-term sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fulfills this requirement. For appropriate implementation of CSR activities, a relevant software is vital. A dedicated software consolidates CSR-related data under a single unified system. This helps in planning, managing and monitoring CSR activities easily. It simplifies the process of CSR activity management and makes it more transparent.

Key Factors for Successful Implementation of CSR

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What is SwiftCSR

Successful implementation of CSR is the ultimate motto for the companies. Keeping in mind the aforementioned key factors, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software named "SwiftCSR"

  • "SwiftCSR" is an intelligent mix of GIS (Geographical Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) with an integrated web & mobile-based application
  • The "SwiftCSR" application has been conceptualized to track the CSR activities conducted by corporate houses in and around the areas where they are located. The application provides demographic location analysis of the CSR activities undertaken and their expenditure management. It works as a planning and a decision support system for the management
  • Key functions: Creation of a new project proposal, approval or rejection of proposal, budget / fund allocation, project milestone monitoring, expenditure tracking, CSR-activity-wise KPI tracking, selection & monitoring of the NGO/Implementing agency, supervision of field level CSR executives and event recording, and more. Finally, it will furnish reports as per your requirement in a user-friendly and informative format
  • The added advantage of this application is, it is highly customizable as per your requirements and can be integrated with Tally / any other accounting application / ERP / SAP etc.
How Can SwiftCSR Help You in the Successful Implementation of CSR?
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CSR Location Analysis Through GIS Mapping

  • GIS maps created on the basis of baseline survey, census data and other details of the villages can portray the existing socio-economic scenarios of the areas.
  • GIS technology can be used to digitally map schools, roads, facilities for drinking water, sanitation and other assets of a village
  • Based on the maps created, gap analysis can be conducted and the CSR activities can be planned and implemented accordingly
  • The GIS feature will show you the activities conducted on the ground within and beyond your area of interest
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Keeping Records Of All The CSR Activities

  • This CSR software stores all the records of the CSR Activities
  • Upload any kind of documents and pictures of your CSR Activities
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CSR Project Monitoring

  • User can submit New Proposal, Management can Approve or Reject the Proposal.
  • User can create New Project and Allocate Budget of the Approved Proposal
  • Management can monitor each milestone of the projects with geotagged image of the project locations with inspection report
  • Can view the total path of a project starting from proposal creation to completion with stage wise remarks and feedbacks
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Customized Reports & Charts with Easy Informative Dashboard

  • Can view what are the pending proposals, view proposal approval
  • It shows CSR reports indicating how much money you are investing in macro and micro level activities and will show the budget vs. expenditure management state-wise, district-wise, village-wise, site-wise, etc. for any period
  • Can view the details of ongoing projects, completed projects, pending projects etc.
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NGO & CSR Executive/Volunteer Management

  • You can track the records of the NGOs or Implementing agencies starting from DUE DILIGENCE to NGO ACTIVITY monitoring
  • You can also track the records of the involvement of your CSR Executives & other Volunteer in different events or activities
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Integrated Mobile App For Real Time Data Capture from Field

  • Integrated mobile application which can capture data, pics, Lat/Long remotely from the field real-time
  • You can use this mobile app at the time of event recording, CSR activity data collection, baseline survey, or any project inspection etc.
  • This mobile app also works in offline mode
  • All the data would directly move to the web application from where management can view or inspect daily field level activities