Reliable and affordable electric power is a necessity for the operation of the constituent elements of a developed economy. At CyberSWIFT, we harness the power of GIS for electric utilities and analytics to facilitate the smooth transmission and distribution of electricity to aid in the progress. We utilize advanced geospatial techniques for network survey and mapping to help companies plan efficient transmission and distribution networks, conduct land use, land cover and land base mapping, manage assets, facilitate periodic updates, identify and eliminate energy loss and so on.


The electricity distribution system comprises miles of power lines that connect the end users to the substation. We conduct thorough DGPS surveys to map these and create a comprehensive GIS database for the electrical distribution system. This equips companies with the ability to locate connectivity issues, optimize usage of available resources, identify sources of energy loss etc. and make well-informed decisions based on these.

We had contributed to the R-APDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme) project by geographically mapping electrical network assets, door-to-door consumer data collection and indexing in a few states of India.

gis electrical distribution system From substations to consumers

GIS Mapping & Consumer Indexing

The process of consumer indexing includes enumerating the electricity consumers associated with the transformers. To accomplish this, we conduct detailed consumer surveys and map the networks with the help of GIS technology, collect valuable customer data including their consumer category, meter details, connected load and so on.

In addition to the R-APDRP project, we had also conducted projects that involved GIS survey, asset mapping, base map creation and consumer indexing in various regions of Manipur.

Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS)

The main objective of Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS) is to build a remote system to acquire meter reading from distribution transformers, feeders and HT consumers. CyberSWIFT provides a complete technical and functional solution for successful commencement and maintenance of MDAS that enables centralized meter data collection for implementing energy audit.

We worked under West Bengal R-APDRP MDAS module starting from installation of modems, establishing connection between modems and meters, communication set up etc. to ensure successful periodic data transfer at central data server.

Facility Management Services (FMS)

The equipment and infrastructure required for seamless distribution of electricity to the consumers need appropriate management and monitoring. We use advanced GIS technology to maintain electrical distribution networks, manage asset data, respond to problems, troubleshoot electrical systems etc.

As a part of the R-APDRP project in West Bengal, we had conducted Facility Management Services in certain areas of the state. You can find out more about the details and the objectives of the project here.


Appropriate transmission relies on complete and accurate geospatial information that helps in the smooth movement of electrical energy from the power generation sites to the substations without any hindrance. We are equipped with the infrastructure and skills required for implementing GIS in transmission network mapping for managing critical assets, tracking obstacles etc.

gis in transmission network mapping

Transmission Network & Corridor Mapping

To meet the constantly growing electricity demands, it is important to provide reliable and safe electricity transmission networks. With the help of GIS technology, we create power transmission network maps based on area's distance from habitat and other hindrances for housing overhead and underground power lines to reduce interference and negative environmental impacts resulting from the same.

Land Use Mapping

Understanding the current state of the landscape is a vital requirement for planning electricity transmission networks. We conduct land cover and land use mapping to provide the necessary data for determining the feasibility of installing power transmission equipment.