Senior System Admin

System Admin
Vacancy: 1
  • 2+ years
  • Maintaining and Updating the Asset Management System
  • Responsible for Purchase activity and Vendor management
  • Perform Price tally among vendors while purchasing goods
  • User issue handling
  • Department wise Planning and Allocation of the software
  • R&D for new software, asset or any implementation
  • Server Maintenance and back up
  • Project data back up in DVD
  • Software upgradation, track manangement and deployment
  • Solving internet issue with vendor,internet and bandwith monitoring
  • LAN issue troubleshooting,crimping and croning
  • Firewall handling
  • System setup for new joinee, printer installation and sharing
Technical Skills
  • Desigining, installing and supporting computer system
  • Internet and Intranet system
  • LANs and WANs system
  • Server maintenance
  • Hands on knowledge in linux server